Datsun 240z Coolant Hose set OEM Style braided | Resurrected Classics

Datsun 240z Coolant Hose set OEM Style braided


NEW Reproduction BRAIDED OEM Style 240z coolant hose set! This kit includes all of the coolant hoses that run throughout the engine bay. It includes the heater hoses, the reducer hose, the small hose to the intake, and the curved hose from the intake to the thermostat housing.  We make all of the braided hoses for the 1970-1973 240z, please see our other listings for different hose sets and a discounted master set with all hoses included!

All of our braided rubber hoses are very accurate replicas of the factory braided style hoses, they have been carefully molded to have the exact curves and bends like the originals!

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