Manufacturing | Resurrected Classics
Our manufacturing process begins with selecting the best samples of the pieces we want to produce. Usually this is a NOS panel, meaning "New Old Stock" that is an original piece produced by Datsun/Nissan. This panel is then scanned and turned into a three-dimensional model where it is used to make a die. The die is then used in conjunction with a machine to press into sheet metal to make the desired panel. After this is complete a prototype is made, we test each prototype against the original Nissan part and check for any inconsistencies and make notes. Lastly, if there were any issues with the prototype panel a second panel is made and checked again against the original Nissan part. The last step of this process after the prototype panel is confirmed is mass production. As you can imagine this is not an easy process, finding panels suitable to be used for reproduction is difficult and time consuming but we believe the end result is worth it. By using the best available panels as templates and our lengthy testing process, we are able to bring the most accurate panels produced to Datsun enthusiasts. We are continually adding new parts to our inventory every day with more parts lined up afterwards and still more being sourced.
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