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Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Driver's Side Door on Your Datsun 240Z

datsun 420z door install

Today we will be installing a Datsun 240z drivers side door, the door we are using for this tutorial is the new reproduction door from resurrected classics. To begin, Removing the fender for the side that you are installing the new door on will make the install much easier and safer, and will allow for adjustment later, it also allows easy access to the door hinges which is critical. The door install should not be attempted by one person, for safety reasons and to not damage the new part, a second person is highly recommended to insure a smooth and simple 420z door installRemove the lower hinge to install the door easier, it will prevent the door from getting damaged and will allow you to move the door freely, do not remove the top 420z door installWhile having someone hold the other end of the door, align the two top bolts of the door with the top door hinge, fasten firmly to allow the door to hang 420z door install

datsun 420z door install

Rotate the door to the closed position to gain better access to install the hinge into the door. Install the hinge into the door in this orientation, make sure the hinge is spread at this angle, note the arm between the hinge that controls the 420z door installRotate the door outward to allow the hinge to line up with the body, install the hinge to body bolts from inside the 420z door installYou may need to use a screw driver to align the hinge to the bolt holes while another person inside installs the bolts 420z door install

While the person on the exterior adjusts the door and holds it to the correct position in the frame with an even gap, tighten down the lower hinge bolts inside of the car. More adjustment may be needed but this installation should get you into a normal position. You can adjust more finely by loosening the bolts going into the door through the hinges. The hinge to body bolts should only be loosened if major adjustments are needed.

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