Resurrected Classics

Resurrected Classics

At Resurrected Classics our mission is to provide the Datsun community with affordable restoration parts and services. We focus on sheet metal parts, and are expanding further into other automotive accessories. We are always developing and testing new products to ensure that Datsun owners have access to only the best restoration parts for their Z cars.

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Datsun 240z Rear Taillight body panel
This is a newly engineered 240z rear taillight panel, designed to OEM specifications and tested for a quality fit. The panel covers the entire rear section of the car, from the hatch panel down to the lower valance. This panel...
Datsun 240z-280z Spare tire well
Datsun 240z-260z-280z Spare tire well Every Z enthusiast knows the common rust spots of their car, one of the most common and hardest to repair is the spare tire well. As a result, we reproduced the exact panel ourselves to...
1970-1973 Datsun 240z Floor pans
New handcrafted Datsun floor pan made to OEM specs, thickness, and quality!These were initially designed for our own shop and customers so the fitment has been tested and improved over time to bring you the best product on the market...
Datsun 240z 260z 280z Hood
NEW, Reproduction hood for all 240z, 260z, and early 280z. Manufactured to factory specs and test fit for ease of installation. Coated in a nice epoxy primer and seam sealed between the frame of the hood and the top portion,...
Datsun 240z Front Lower valance 1970-1973
NEW reproduction steel lower valance, this is a common rust/damaged area on many 240z's, our company has developed this panel as a solution to this problem. Three pieces per set, included are left and right turn signal housings and the...

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