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Resurrected Classics was founded by a Datsun Z enthusiast. What initially began as a hobby soon turned into a full-time business supplying the Datsun community with parts and cars. Now Resurrected Classics has expanded to multiple locations and is the leading manufacturer in restoration parts.

At Resurrected Classics our mission is to provide the Datsun 240z 260z 280z community with affordable restoration parts. Because of our experience restoring our own Datsuns Z, we were able to learn what enthusiasts need the most. Our background has also given us the unique ability to know these cars inside and out from rebuiling our own personal projects. This helps us answer any question you may have about our parts or installation. While our main focus is in sheet metal parts, we are expanding further into other automotive accessories. We are always developing and testing new products to insure that Datsun owners have access to only the best restoration parts.

The Production Process

Our Steel panels are made from original brand new Nissan parts or parts taken directly from a Z to ensure the most accurate reproduction possible. We first scan the part with a 3D scanning tool and convert it to a usable model with accurate surfaces and measurements. From this, we develop a mold that is cut to the exact shape of the part. This process can take anywhere from a few months, to years depending on the complexity of the part. Once we design and produce the mold, we then create a sample and begin testing it on our Z’s that we have on site. This ensures the fitment is on par with original standards. This process can take months as well depending on how the part is installed on the car since fitment has to be precise. After this is completed and the sample has been fully adjusted, mass production can begin. Unlike many retailers, our parts are designed and made by our factories. We do not retail other manufacturers parts and drop-ship. What this means for the consumer is that we control every step of the production process and you receive your part promptly, with minimal wait time and no backorders. This is our main business philosophy and one that we believe is essential for a good quality product at a fair price.


Your one stop shop for Datsun Z parts!


Resurrected classics is the largest manufacturer of Datsun 240z, 260z, and 280z parts. We carry a wide range of parts for Z’s, such as sheet metal panels, plastic panels, emblems, rubber parts, lighting accessories, and much more! Our panels are made to above factory standards which results in an ease of installation and time savings. Our prices are very competitive and we have a strong lifetime warranty on our parts. We are accessible via phone or email and are ready to answer any questions about our parts or help answer technical questions. Needing to replace a Datsun 240z Fender? We can help with that. Wanting to buy a Datsun 280z Emblem? We have those too. Do you need a Datsun 240z Hood to replace your rusted one? In stock and ready to ship. If your Datsun 240z 260z 280z needs a part for restoration, there’s a good chance we have it. If you are wanting to buy Datsun 240z Body panels, then you’re in luck, we are the leading producer in 240z 260z and 280z body panels, hoods, and fenders. Asking yourself Where can I buy 240z parts? Or Where to buy 240z Fenders? We can answer that.







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